Sunday, December 6, 2009

Murderer, armed robber, sentenced to a decade for rape of Youngstown woman

A murderer serving 55 years to life for the rape-slaying of 19 year old Sierra Slayton in August 2005 was sentenced on November 30 to an additional prison term for the rape of another woman in Youngstown, OH. Mahoning County Common Pleas Court Judge John M. Durkin sentenced 26 year old Antwon Lanier to an additional 10 years in prison for one count of rape and one count of intimidation of a victim. Lanier plead guilty to those counts to avoid trial on those counts and charges of kidnapping, aggravated robbery. 

The rape and intimidation conviction stems from a 2005 incident where Lanier assaulted a Warren woman in the front yard of a home not far from a Youngstown South Side bar.

The rape victim told police she was forced out of Teenie’s Tavern on South Avenue at gunpoint and raped in the front yard of a house with high bushes near Taft Elementary School on East Avondale Avenue.

Police checked the area around Taft and found a house with high bushes on East Avondale at the corner of Homestead Street. A used condom and its wrapper were found in the front yard near bushes and taken as evidence.

The woman, when interviewed by police, said she’d gone to the bar with a female friend. She said they were approached by two men, one later identified as Lanier. The female friend had asked to see Lanier’s license because she didn’t believe he was old enough to drink. She remembered the birth date — May 6, 1983 — from the license.

After the exchange, when the victim went to the restroom, Lanier followed her, pulled out a handgun and said “Don’t talk, scream or cry or I’ll kill you and your friend.” He ordered the victim out of the bar and down East Avondale, and after another threat, raped her in front of the house. Lanier then damanded the victim's money. The victim gvae him only $6. Lanier looked at her ID and threatened to kill her if she reported the attack.
Besides the Sierra Slaton slaying, Lanier was sentenced to 21 years for armed robbery and assault. Ohio prison sentences are served without benefit of parole or other early release.

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