Sunday, December 20, 2009

19 year old barred from dating without permission for auto, gun theft with 16 year old girl

On Friday, December 18, an Appleton, WI teen was sentenced to a year in jail and a three year probation term whose conditions include no dating females without permission of the probation agent and no use of social networking sites like Facebook or Myspace. This sentence was handed down by  Outgamie Couty Judge John Des Jardins against 19 year old Jordan Christensen for theft of a firearm, auto theft, and bail jumping.

On May 26, Christensen stole a gun from his foster parents’ residence, stole their car and fled the state with his 16-year-old girlfriend, claiming through a blog posting that they intended to get married. The girl emptied her bank account and stole additional cash and a cell phone from her residence before they left. After a missing and endangered child [Amber] alert was issued the two were picked up in Tennessee by police and returned to Wisconsin.

The bail jumping charge stems from Christensen's attempts to contact the girl through her social networking page after he was released on bond. This ban is part of Christensen's probation, along with his probation officer having to check the suitability of females he dates after he finishes his jail term. “He just creates more trouble for himself," Judge Des Jardins said.

Before he was sentenced, Christensen made a short statement. "I feel sorry towards the families. I realize the trouble we put everyone through. I am taking responsibility. I am guilty."

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