Thursday, October 2, 2008

British man ordered to sign SO registry for 7 years for voyeurism

Peeping Tom forced to sign sex register

Pamela Welsh 2/10/2008

THE VICTIM of a ‘peeping Tom’ style incident at a Salford swimming pool has welcomed the decision to make the culprit sign the Sex Offenders’ Register.

Stefan Sinclair, 22, photographed a naked woman with his mobile phone as she changed at Fit City Worsley in July this year. The victim, who did not wish to be identified, had been swimming at the pool, in Bridgewater Road, Walkden, on Thursday, July 10.

She was getting changed in a cubicle when she saw a mobile phone under the cubicle door, filming her as she got changed.
The culprit, Sinclair, pleaded guilty to a charge of voyeurism at Salford Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, September 25, and was given a four month suspended sentence, with 200 hours unpaid work.He was also ordered to sign the Sex Offenders Register for seven years.

The victim, who lives in Worsley, welcomed the sentence, saying she was felt violated.
She said: "It was really horrible. I was just getting changed and was towelling off when I saw a hand and a mobile phone under the cubicle. I ran out to confront him but he had already disappeared. It is really disgusting that he could do such a thing and I’m glad he got the sentence he did."

The victim also claimed the policy on mobile phones was not made clear to staff at the pool, even after the incident occurred.
She said: "My parents went back and saw staff on their mobile phones even when it was made clear that this was not allowed. I think the management should make the policy clearer."
The police were called and CCTV pictures showed that Sinclair had been in the vicinity of the cubicle.

When interviewed by police, Sinclair said he realised what he had done was wrong and that he taken the picture initially with the intention of using it for his own sexual gratification.
Marsha Myers, defence for Sinclair, said: "He feels deep remorse - significantly the image was deleted because the remorse set in straight away.

"He is being supported financially and emotionally by his family, who are deeply upset about this offence, but stand by him, as does his partner."

Sinclair, of Border Brook Lane, Boothstown, was a lifeguard, fitness trainer and cleaner at the pool. He lost his job as a result of the incident. Deputy District Judge Hugh Edwards told Sinclair: "You abused a position of trust when working at the pool."

Councillor Barry Warner, Salford City Council’s lead member for culture and sport, said: "Our partner, Salford Community Leisure (SCL), has taken this matter very seriously and acted promptly to suspend and subsequently dismiss Mr Sinclair from his job with SCL.

"I would like to take the opportunity to reassure customers that SCL, supported by the Salford City Council, will continue to take all reasonable action to prevent this type of action happening again."

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