Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fiance arrested for allegedly spiking woman's drink, raping her

Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail is currently holding 23 year old Timothy James Hoffman, who is being charged with forcible object sexual penetration for the May 17 sexual assault of his fiancée after a Madonna themed party at a local dance club.

The victim stumbled upon a videotape among her “fiancĂ©’s" belongings. She watched herself being sexually assaulted while being passed out. That tape also showed Hoffman taking cell phone photos of his victim. She recognized the outfit from the night of the Madonna themed party, and police recognized the victim as completely helpless.

The victim told police that she had two drinks and began to feel ill. She asked Hoffman to drive her back to his residence on Goodman Street. Upon arriving, the only thing she could remember was vomiting in his yard and in his bathroom, according to the court documents.

“[The victim] does not remember anything but being very sick,” Detective Nicholas Rudman of the Charlottesville Police Department wrote in a search warrant affidavit.

“I viewed the video and observed [the victim] saying ‘no’ and she appeared completely helpless,” he wrote.

Hoffman and the victim had recently obtained a marriage license, [Charlottesville police spokesman Ric] Barrick said.

Charlottesville police searched Hoffman’s apartment Wednesday and confiscated a long list of items, including 17 videotapes, 15 compact discs, three pornography magazines, cut up Polaroid photographs, a Sony camcorder, computer disks, two cell phones and an Apple computer, according to the court documents.

Hoffman has petty criminal convictions, including DUI, trespassing, stealing from vending machines, and petty larceny. He had been ordered to enroll in the Bridge Ministry, a Central VA nonprofit prison ministry, but failed to complete the program, according to the program’s founder.

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