Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hamersville, OH man sentenced to 2 years imprisonment, lifetime Tier 3 SO registration for sex with drunk woman

A Hamersville, OH man who sexually battered a woman during a party on Halloween 2010 was sentenced to a mandatory 2 years imprisonment and Tier III sex offender registration in the Brown County Court of Common Pleas on April 7, 2011.

38 year old Marlon Scott Schauer plead guilty to a single count of sexual battery, down from two charges of rape for the incident, which took place last fall. Assistant Prosecutor Steve Purtell said that the charges involved a woman who wastoo drunk to give meaningful consent to sex, and who may have also been asleep.

Court of Common Pleas Judge Scott Gusweiler accepted the plea and sentencing recommendation, and noted during the hearing that the case files do not reflect any prior criminal charges in Schauer's history.

The two year sentence is mandatory and cannot be shortened by early or judicial release, Gusweiler told Schauer Thursday. As part of the plea, Schauer also relinquished his right to appeal to the 12th District court of Appeals, the judge said.

Five years of mandatory post-release control are also included in the sentence, and Schauer will be permanently considered a Tier III sex offender for the remainder of his life. Tier III is the most serious of Ohio's sexual offender designations, and after his release from prison Schauer will be required to register, in person with the sheriff of the county in which he lives, works or goes to school. Tier III offenders like Schauer are also required to provide other identifying information, including mobile phone numbers and email addresses, with law enforcement, Gusweiler said.

Defense attorney Kenneth Miller said that Schauer's wife has remained by her husband's side dispite the nature of the charges, and that his client showed "a great deal of remorse," during the sentencing. Miller said that his client's Valentines' Day 2011 suicide attempt, leading to hospitalization and a mental evaluation, stemmed from genuine guilt, and was not an attempt to delay court proceedings.


Anonymous said...

This man was a predator. The very young victim was asleep on her sisters couch. Schauer left the residence twice before the incident. He first took his three young children home, and dropped them off alone. Then returned to collect his disgusting drunken wife and take her home. ( Can you say UNFIT PARENTS??) After which he returned to the residence and waited to prey upon whoever he thought was an easy target. The young woman woke up during the attack. Schauer fled into the bathroom and jumped into the shower. The victim pursued him, and he fled the residence. The police were called, and the victim was taken to the hospital. The ONLY victim in this case is the young woman who thought she was safe SLEEPING on her sisters couch.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to add that the "victim" was a self confessed swinger according to her page on a social networking site- a fact not allowed into the trial. on this site, the "victim" Jessica Reeder was not friends with any of her family. could she have been living a double life? you forgot to add that the "victim" - a large girl,not very young, but in her mid twenties, given her body weight and the amount she claims she had drunk did not add up to her being passed out as described. you forgot to add that the "victims" sister, Leigha Stewart spread many lies and caused hysteria among people to keep them from being charactor witnesses to help his mans case. you forgot to add that people in the "victims" camp terrorized this mans wife and children as they were dealing with all this by egging their house, stealing her purse and breaking into her car. You forgot to add that this man had NO criminal records or history of violence. You forgot to add that the "victim" was wearing tight jeans that she would have had to remove herself as he describes she did. you forgot to add that there were several other people in the room when it happened. you forgot to add that the "victim" went out and smoked a cigarette afterward rather than tell anyone. could it be that the "victim" was aware,and then thought about how her very religous family would act if they found she messed witnh a married man? when someone takes a plea deal, they are forced to admit guilt. he maintained his innocence until the end. he had had a mental break down and could not withstand a trial and wanted to get back to his family asap. you forgot to add how the "victims" family goes to her aunt and uncles church, being "good" self-rightous christians and have no compassion on 3 little boys who lost their father. No one, in over 200 people in this man's family or true friends believes this girl was a "victim". NO ONE,.

Anonymous said...

Also, you forgot to add that this "victim" was on a mental health drug according to the lab reports. Is it possible she had mental problems? don't know.

Anonymous said...

Your facts are wrong. Mr. Schauer's children are not young as you describe. The oldest is a teenager and legally of age to babysit. The youngest is 9. Your biased statment is incorrect. All the children are honor roll students and both parents were active in the childrens sports and activities.

THE accuser is NOT VERY YOUNG as you describe, but in her mid 20's. The accuser is a large woman, both very tall and heavy set, so because of your biased information, trying to make her look like a weak small young girl, one can only assume that you are her, or her siter or mom, or maybe a disgruntled prosecutor angry that you did not get a chance to try your big case.

It was the lies of the accuser and her sister spread that caused Mr. Schauer to have a break down, thus unable to go to trail, and then led him to commit suicide.
You have blood on your hands and are responsible for his death. Now you have made a sick attempt to attack his family and friends in their grief.

This is a perfect example of the accuser and her camp of supporters. This is the kind of people they appear to be.

Anonymous said...

If the sister was sleeping, they how did she get her very tight jeans off of her very large body?

It does not add up. Jessice Reeder is no victim. The woman identified herself as a swinger on a social networking site, which I have a copy of. Now it has been removed. And why was her family not friends of hers on ths site? Is it possible she leads a double life?

Anonymous said...

You forgot to point out that several of the family members of the accuser and also of her sister were disgusting and drunk at that party. The things you wrote in the first post are biased, probably because you are the accusers mommy. Cheryl.

Scott Schauers Sister said...

It is very cowardly of you to hide behind "anonymous", especially when your statments are inaccurate. Though, I am sure I know which person you are.(LS)
Very cruel of you to post that on July 20 - one day after Scott Schauers death when his children, siblings, parents, wife, friends, grandpartents, cousins and aunts and uclies - over 200 - are grieving so. I guess even his deah was not enough for you. You have blood on your hands.

When you take a plea deal, you have to admit guilt even when you are not. Scott had had a break down because of the campaiging the ACCUSERS sister did with many lies and kept people people from testifying on his behalf.

There was no sign of force - NONE.
Can you explain how a large girl can have her very tight jeans removed without waking up? She can't. She took them off.
Based on the lab report from the hospital, the ACCUSER was on a psychiatric drug.

1. The "very young" ACCUSER is in her mid-twenties
2. The "young" children you mention were 8-13 with the oldest being of legal age to babysit.

You have no class, ever in a man's death. That makes you a monster.

Signed, Scott's sister.

Anonymous said...

Scott Schauer's pastor who also counseled Mr. Schauer during his saddness said of Mr Schauer at his funeral - "Scott was a very sweet, gentle and sensitive human being". That is how the people who knew him best knew him. The whole story has not been told here, nor portrayed accurately.

Anonymous said...

It needs to be noted that Mr. Schauer's attorney presented evidence to the judge and prosecutor that the woman who made the accusation identified herself as a swinger. She was on a social site listed as a swinger as was entered into evidence.

Tracy said...

I am not afraid to speak using my name-unlike you. My name is Tracy Jackson
And the wife you are so cowardly talking about is my sister and the husband was my beloved friend and brother in law and the children are my sweet perfect well mannered nephews. And did u know a family member of the so called "victims" came to the funeral and told my family that the woman has cried rape on 3 other men that she got drunk and slept with before? Maybe that whore needs help. So annonymous grow some balls and tell me your name so we can talk face to face

Tracy said...

Annonymous-first off your facts are way way off. You obviously dont know what your talking about so maybe you should just stop talking or at least have the nerve to leave your name. My name is tracy. The wife you are talking about is my sister. The husband was my beloved friend and brother in law and the children are my sweet perfect nephews. My sister is the best mother i know and scott was a great father.
Why dont you grow up and leave your name or come visit me so we can straighten this out face to face? Come see me

tracy jackson

Anonymous said...

Just a few weeks after this girl made these accusations and claimed she was devastated and the prosecutor taled about what a good Christian woman she was and how her Aunt and Uncle are pastors, she hooked up with some guy and now has a child out of wedlock. She was pregnant during what would have been the trial.

Scott's Sister said...

Today is my brother, Scott Schauer's birthday. Today is my beautiful brother Scotts birthday. I miss him so much. He was one of the people I love most in the entire world. Our hearts still ache every single day. I still cry every day, talk to him every day and see him often in my dreams. But the endigs come at last, endiNgs alwasy come to fast. They come to fast, but they pass too slow. I love you and thats all I know. I dedicate "Scott's ...Song" to my brother Scott. He was a very deep soul. He felt things on such a deep level. He loved this song when he was a little boy. He always loved music. I love and miss you forever and ever buddy. What I would not do for even 5 seconds to hug you and tell you how loved by many you are. xoxoxoxo FOREVER LOVED, NEVER FORGOTTEN.

Anonymous said...

Appreciate your opinion although you were my dads so called "friend" if this is who I think it is just go and die in a hole somewhere before I put you in one