Sunday, February 6, 2011

Teenage rapist sentenced to 75 to life for attack on woman

A teenage rapist who attacked a 40 year old woman was sentenced to 75 years to life in a Denver, CO courtroom Wednesday, February 3. Shakiel Madden-Vaughn, who was 16 when he attacked a 40 year old woman who was walking home from a light rail station on January 24, 2009, was convicted by a jury of attempted 1st degree murder, two counts of sexual assault, 1st degree assault, and aggravated robbery for the attack. Madden-Vaughn raped the 40 year old victim, beat her with a baseball bat, then stole her purse.

Madden-Vaughn, who turned 18 the day before Halloween last year, faces charges of fondling a 12 year old girl on a playground January 19, 2009 and hitting a 68 year old woman with a brick. Chief Deputy DA Joseph Morales and Deputy District Attorney P.J. Loew prosecuted the case.

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