Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Boyfriend" charged with 1st degree murder after shooting woman to death

A 23 year old woman was found shot to death in her South Side of Chicago apartment early Saturday morning and her 28 year old "boyfriend," Gerald Rufus was charged in her murder. Theresa Russell was found dead at the scene from a gunshot wound to the arm by police at around 2:32 AM Saturday, September 4.

Rufus was picked up after he was seen on top of the victim, who suffered a gunshot wound under the left armpit. He initially told police Russell was shot in front of the building at 6435 S. Morgan St. and he had taken the victim upstairs to the kitchen area, a police report said.

The man then changed his story and said the incident occurred on the back porch of the second floor apartment, and that the gunmen shot into the apartment from the back door, the report said. The man was taken into custody because witnesses gave conflicting statements indicating they heard a single shot fired inside the apartment and there was not evidence that a shooting happened in front of the building. Police later learned Russell was shot dead after arguing with Rufus.

Rufus faces 45 to 85 years in prison in convicted of 1st degree murder - 20 to 60 for the murder charge and 25 years for using a firearm.

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