Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dog killer gets 6 years prison, 4 years extended supervision

A Green Bay, WI man who broke into his ex-"girlfriend's" apartment and killed her dog by placing it in the oven was sentenced to 6 years in prison by a Brown County, WI judge Friday, March 26. Judge William Atkinson sentenced 32 year old Terry Atkinson to 5 years in prison for burglary and a year for animal mistreatment, terms to run consecutively. A jury deliberated only an hour before Kleiman was found guilty.

He broke into the woman's Elmore Street apartment Nov. 23, 2008. When the woman arrived home later, she found her apartment filled with smoke and the 5-month-old Pekingese's body in the oven.

Assistant District Attorney Dana Johnson said the maximum allowable sentence on the animal abuse charge was 1½ years in prison but that Kleiman could have gotten as much as 12½ years in prison for the burglary.

Besides the prison time, Kleiman will serve 4 years of extended supervision, 3 for the burglary and 1 for the dog killing. He was also ordered not to own and pets or date women without parole officer supervision.

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