Saturday, August 15, 2009

Man who killed estranged wife, held SWAT team at bay sentenced to life without parole for 23 years

Daniel Edward Tice was sentenced to life without parole for at least 23 years for killing his estranged wife, then creating a standoff with police using his son as a human shield. According to family members, Tice shot his wife, 28 year old Brandi Tice, to death with a rifle because he was angry over her affair with one of his family members and a pending divorce. Brandi was at Tice's Lakemore home to pick up their three kids.

Tice, 32, was scheduled to go to trial next week, but in an appearance before Summit County Common Pleas Judge Elinore Marsh Stormer, he pleaded guilty to aggravated murder with a gun specification and kidnapping.

On the recommendation of prosecutors, Stormer sentenced Tice to life in prison without parole possibility for 20 years for murder and an additional three years — a mandatory sentence that must run consecutively to the principal offense — for the gun specification.

Stormer also gave Tice 10 years for kidnapping, but ordered that sentence to run simultaneously to the murder charge. Charges for murder, endangering children, domestic violence, one additional count of kidnapping and other firearms specifications were dismissed in the plea bargain.

The kidnapping charge stems from the 8 hour standoff Tice had with a SWAT team, all while holding his 5 year old son. SWAT team members shot Tice in the head, but he survived. Tice's written statement in court read like this:

I hope you will find comfort and peace within your heart with God's help,'' he said, reading the statement with no visible emotion, ''and I deeply apologize for everything that I have done. I pray for God's forgiveness and guidance in everyone's lives, and may God be with us all.

Jessica Colbetzor, the victim's cousin, said that ''all of our lives will be changed forever,because you couldn't walk away and let her go." The kids, which include two daughters, ages 8 and 9, are being cared by their maternal grandmother, Sandra Fox and aunt, Mandi Hostetler.

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