Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Iraq veteran sentenced to 20 to life in rape, murder of mother of 3

A former Army reservist was sentenced to 20 years to life for the rape and murder of a co worker. The sentence against Jeremy Shields, 28, came on June 17, after a plea deal of guilty to rape, murder, and tampering with physical evidence. Though the judge said that the sentence was acceptable, Wendy Sue Logsdon's brother had to be restrained by bailliffs.

Logsdon, a mother of three, disappeared after she was supposed to meet Shields at a Louisville bar in January 2008. Her half-burned body was found two days later in rural Hart County. Police said Shields and Logsdon worked at the Zappo's warehouse in Bullitt County and that Shields met the Louisville woman for a date, killed her in Radcliff and dumped her body in Hart County.

According to police, Shields drugged Logsdon with GHB, a "date rape" drug, killed and raped her, and hid her body for two days in his parents house.The body was found four days later, half burned, duct taped, on a road in Hart County.

They were both hired at the shoe distribution warehouse in December 2007.

According to published reports, doctors diagnosed Shields with chronic post-traumatic stress disorder. He was found competent to stand trial last August.

Shields' father, Lunisi Mau, stated that the disorder stemmed from his role at a tuck driver early in the Iraqi occupation.

Victim impact statements were heard from Logsdon's aunt, mother, and son. Toni Christy, the aunt, said that "She had children. She was a niece. She was a granddaughter. She was a child. She was a mother. She wasn't just something, she was a human being and you had no right to take that life."

Logsdon's mother, Teresa Logsdon, stated that "My life will never be the same again, and it's not just because she died -- it's how she died. What you have done to her has devastated me. I hate you. I hate you."

Seventeen year old Trey McIntosh described the impact of losing his mother. "I moved in with my father and stuff which didn't work out so well. My life's pretty much never going to be the same because of what he did."

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