Saturday, May 30, 2009

Repeat Mobile, AL felon sentenced to life without parole for rape of neighbor

Circuit Judge Sarah Stewart sentenced a Mobile, AL man to life without parole Thursday, May 21 for the rape of a neighbor, stating that if he spent the same amount of time taking responsibility as well as avoiding responsibility, that "we wouldn't be here today."

In March, a jury deliberated 25 minutes before convicting Earnest Walker, 43, for the August 2007 rape of his 37 year old neighbor. Because of his previous convictions, which Walker attributed to drug and alcohol addiction, he was sentenced to LWOP (life without parole).

Walker was officially convicted of sex abuse, attempted sodomy, and obstruction of justice. The life with parole sentence was made possible by previous crimes including sodomizing a 11 year old California girl.

Walker's latest victim, 37 at the time of the attack, told Stewart in a trembling voice just short of tears that the night she was attacked was the worst of her life.

She said Walker had a "hard heart" and should be kept "behind bars for life."

Finally, she started crying, lamenting that while she was not afraid of death, she believed she was going to die that night and became terrified at the thought of the consequences to her children.

While denying he was the attacker, Walker asked Judge Stewart to sentence him to a lighter sentence than life without parole. He also mentioned that he was a father and grandfather in his futile plea to have his sentenced capped at less than life.

"I have seven kids and seven grandkids...I tried to live the American dream, but I failed."

None of those family members were in court for Walker's sentencing.

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