Sunday, November 16, 2008

Brian's Rant - what if sex crimes and DV against adults were taken as seriously as those against minors?

Brian's Rant

I’m thinking about what laws would have to do and accomplish if domestic violence and sex crimes against adults was treated like child sexual abuse.

It would mean that sex crimes as defined would be broadened and expanded to include grooming of not only kids, but also adults for sexual assault. It would mean that consent would be negated not just when it comes to minor status, but also under circumstances where two adults have different power (not just teachers, prison guards, and mental health professionals).

Sexual harassment could lead to criminal charges, not civil charges, and CSA victims may actually stay a protected class after 18 or 21 (due to statistics which state child molestation leads to a much higher risk of rape and other adult sexual victimization). Professional-client sex would be criminalized, as well as situations where repeat rapists have used “dating” to go after women (not just kids).

If DV was treated as seriously as CSA, parents would be able to file restraining orders on behalf of their grown kids under certain circumstances, regardless of the age of the grown child, and regardless of whether the abuser is a boyfriend, husband, or other person. A parent with a 32 year old child who has been married for 4 years and known her partner for 8 years has still known their child 4 times as long as the husband. Nothing can replace a bond between a parent and a child, but all other relationships can be abused.

These laws would recognize that “date” rape, maritial rape, and “boyfriend” rape occurs when sexual predators groom adult victims into a relationship when in reality, that “partner” is looking to abuse a woman in the same way pedophiles abuse 10 year olds. It would recognize the sexual relationship as a tool for the ASP (adult sexual predator) to dissolve the woman’s boundaries so he could rape her.

Also, DV could be prosecuted as a form of child abuse when the woman’s kids have to see their father beating their mother. I say child abuse because it’s a form of emotional abuse for kids to see violence. Studies show that kids who grow up with violence in their households are more likely to be involved with abuse as adults.

One thing that I do not get is why can’t courts order people who attack women (whether sexually or non-sexually) be barred from having contact with women as a group in the same way that RSO’s are often barred from contact with kids? In some cases, it would make sense for DV abusers and sex offenders who prey on adults not to have contact with that group of adults in the same way pedophiles can be barred from contact with minors.

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