Friday, January 7, 2011

DNA database hit leads to Minneapolis rape suspect, two trials, acquittal

(Original Post 5-9-08)
A Brooklyn Park man was arrested after a DNA hit linked him to the kidnapping and rape of a woman from a Minneapolis nightclub last summer. Duncan Nyanaro Osoro, 24, has been charged with 1st degree criminal sexual conduct and kidnapping, according to a criminal complaint filed Thursday.

The woman told police she was at the Karma nightclub on August 26, 2007 in Minneapolis when a friend became sick and threw up after only two drinks at a nightclub. This friend had never became sick after drinking before.

Between 2 & 10 AM, the victim was unconscious in a grassy area near I-94. When she came to, blood was on her white shirt, hands and knees, and a subsequent sexual assault exam at the Hennepin County Medical Center revealed the rape. The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension’s DNA database matched osoro to the evidence at the scene.

(1-7-11 Acquittal) After two trials, Osoro was acquitted of kidnapping and rape charges against him. The final acquittal came December 23 after a three week trial and an hour of deliberation. Osoro was held in jail for 16 months, according to his attorney, Joseph Fru, who suspects race played a role. Despite the acquittal, Hennipin County Prosecutor Mike Freeman maintained the peosecution was just. "The jury made its decision, we believe in the system, and we accept the decision. We're moving forward."


Benjamin said...

Duncan Osoro was found not guilty of all charges in December 2010.

Deliberation took about an hour with unanimous support for acquittal.

Duncan Osoro, after this well earned not-guilty verdict, plans to attend school again and pick up where he left off with his normal life.

Anonymous said...

My name is Duncan osoro. As much as the prosucution can say it was just to have held me in jail for 16 mothts and had me go on trial two times on the same charges, it seems injust on my side. With all this time wasted in my life, i should have done something better in my life and changed my leaving conditions because up to now, i still don't have a stable leaving condition nor a job.

Anonymous said...

that was unreasonable to have that boy in jail for that long and have him throught two trials for something like this. why did they dismise the case on the first place and have him go through two trials to prove what?