Saturday, January 2, 2010

Man who raped Chico State University student sentenced to 20 years imprisonment

A man who raped his now ex-"girlfriend" three times during an argument at her apartment in October 2008 was sentenced to 20 years in prison in a Butte County, CA courtroom. Alexander Rolando Solis, 22, was convicted of 3 counts of forcible rape and possession of stolen property. The property stolen was a laptop from Chico State University, where the victim attended school.

Butte County Deputy District Attorney Brent Redelsperger believe that due to the multiple acts, callousness of the attacks, and escalating criminality, that Solis should have received 28 years, the maximum sentence. "I saw absolutely no remorse from this person, and the only time he’d ever shown remorse was after the verdict had been rendered when he cried,” he said.

During the trial, Solis maintained the sexual encounters were consensual. He said the victim had charged him of rape out of revenge for a lie he had told and jealousy of an ex-girlfriend who had contacted him.

Both the victim, as well as another woman who came forward to alleged Solis had sexually assaulted her during their relationship, spoke at the sentencing, Redelsperger said. The second woman initially downplayed the incident and her charges came to prosecutors’ attention too late in the case for prosecutors to pursue charges, he said.

Solis' attorney, Gary Talesfore, said that the physical evidence didn't match with the victim's story, and that the victim had stole the laptop, wanting Solis to fence it for her. Solis was  acquitted of two additional forcible rape charges.


Anonymous said...

Lies, lies, lies, no wonder you spawned a woman beating RAPIST. Yeah he found God alright, gee.. he was convicted and remanded into custody on Oct 2nd, and found God on Oct. 3rd, it's a miracle! He was reborn…. NOT! He thought it would help him with the judge at sentencing… LoL. He will need more than god to help him survive where he's at!
You are all just as GUILTY as he is. Too bad you didn’t give him all this attention when he was just a juvenile and pushed his girlfriend out of a moving vehicle and broke her arm, or when he was expelled from 5 high schools; once for trying to run over a student in the school parking lot and another for possession of cocaine, for which he was convicted! Yeah what a great guy, abusing his own mother and sister, and every girl he ever dated. Where were you all then? How about since the age of 14 he gets to live on his own in the back yard… You couldn’t even tolerate him living in the family home at the age of 14.
How about the violence he was subjected to, he talked a lot about his mother being raped… what, she didn’t fight hard enough too, she lied? Like father like son? And she even needed plastic surgery on her face to cover up the scars….? And all the therapy she went through, and yet the rapist got nothing? And how about when he lived in Chico and his entire family cut him off financially, no money for rent, food nothing! Oh and you took away his vehicle too, just washed your hands of him right.... where were you then? And how about when he was out on bail and he kicked in the side of his sister’s car or put his fist threw the TV and was thrown out of the house and forced to live with his pathetic girlfriend and her alcoholic father. And still you gave him no help, treatment nothing? He is so out of control and you are so afraid of him he couldn't even live with his family, albeit in the backyard! Didn’t you even call him the “Devil”?
What it’s cheaper to defend him with your empty words and lies? Even at his sentencing, the Judge gave everyone an opportunity to speak and yet when it was the defenses turn not one of you stood up for him then, did you? NO ONE spoke on his behalf, NO ONE. And yet you write here about him getting justice, well that’s exactly what he got, 20 years worth!
Oh and I especially loved the “dream team” you PAID to defend him [lol]. Really, they were the best right? Promised you they would get the case dismissed and later promised an acquittal?[lol] I loved it when the main member of the “dream team” deserted you on verdict day and left you with just the big dummy sitting there! Did you have a clue then? Do you think he knew and just didn’t tell you? Absolutely!! I love defense attorneys, especially of their caliber! The one thing they did do though was make a good record; do you know what that means? And my favorite part, did the “dream team” explain to you all the consequences of his convictions? I mean, not just the fact that he will have to register as a “sex offender” for the rest of his life but the other legal ramifications? No?
Well, hopefully you’re not done yet and will spend more of grandma’s hard earned money or more of her home equity for an appeal, I look forward to it. I figure the more you spend of grandma’s money the more you are all paying in the end.
And to think I was afraid he would be smart enough to stick with the public defender, take a deal and end up with a minimal sentence or probation. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Yes Alex was "out of control" I admit that. I am the "was never around father", who takes resposibilities for my actions.I myself have grown, got sober (22 years) and have found my "God" who I choose to call "Grandfather". I am not afraid to say who I am but I noticed the person who left the comment on 1/17/10 is. The victims father who is a retired Alameda county sheriff (famous by Tu Pac - just Google-sheriff Boyovich) and his wife who also works for the Alameda county DA office used all thier influence to "railroad" not just the Butte county DA office but the judge as well. I know first hand that the sentence that was going to be handed to my son was made up before the judgement day . I also know people in the Butte county court house who told me 2 months before the sentance date that my son was in big trouble. Yes, Mr. & Mrs. Boyovich used their clout and pushed for the hardest sentance possible. Mrs. Boyovich probably even used her credentials to go after my son on the countys dime, in essecne our tax dollars, which is considered to be unlawful. Yes if it was my daughter who was raped I would want the same justice but only if the fact was true. How can you receive 20 years in prison for raping a girlfriend? The Boyovichs' clout is why. I have seen my son in prison and I do know lawyers who have all said the same thing, there are others who have done alot worse from killing and raping doing less time than my son!!! The judicial system does not work, it is very bias especially in favor of co-workers DAs' side by side (take care of their own)The judge who retired after this case never let anyone on Alex's side of the family speak as they stood waiting the judge just ignored them. I was being asked a couple of weeks before the sentancing what I thought would happen to Alex, I told everyone who asked that he would get no more than 7 years and no less than 3 years. After all he was accused of raping his "girlfriend" not a stranger and also was not physically abusive to the night in question. I met Alex's lawyer and yes he is a complete idiot, I knew from my first impression of him two weeks before the sentance. Alexs' mother was not raped by me (like father, like son) as you referred to but by someone who raised her. I do believe in Karma, and I know the consequences of other people actions have a dirrect effect.